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We are a unique and valuable resource that should be part of your team.  Our mission is to produce injection molds and molded plastic parts that exceed our customers requirements

Markets Served

The major part of our business is in these three markets...
Molded Biomedical Products

Molded Electronic Products

Consumer Products
Molded Consumer Products

Other markets that we serve include optical housings and components, aerospace and military.

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We make a wide range of injection molded products for this market - small disposable parts, complex disposable devices, small and large enclosures and a variety of trays - many of which a shown below.

Custom Molded Enclosures for Medical and Biomedical Applications
Quality and documentation requirements are assured by our ISO9001:2008 registered operation. Clean-cell molding and assembly are available as required.

Small disposable parts and assemblies, syringes, probes

Microplates and Trays


We make all kinds of injection molded parts for electronic applications - from small connectors and components to large housings - from a wide range of materials - from high-temperature Ryton, Ultem or PEEK to high impact Xenoy - with additives such as glass, long and short fiber carbon, stainless and flame retardants.
Cable Clamps and Terminators, Connectors, Small Packages
Cable Clamps and Terminators,
Connectors, Small Packages
Small Housings and Controllers
Small Housings and Controllers
Larger Housings Including a Battle-Hardened PC and a Check Reader
Larger Housings Including a Battle-Hardened
PC and a Check Reader


recognizable consumer products
Some of the more recognizable consumer products that we have produced
Large Consumer and Industrial Parts
Components of front forks
for mountain bikes

Examples of more specialized mold making parts, a number of which are nylon, filled with long fiber carbon to provide an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio.
front forks for mountain bikes
Large Consumer and Industrial Molded Parts