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We are a unique and valuable resource that should be part of your team.  Our mission is to produce injection molds and molded plastic parts that exceed our customers requirements

Product Design and Design Support


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler A. Einstein

We agree with Albert—and help our customers develop the simplest possible molded products without sacrificing functionality or market appeal. We bring the manufacturing perspective, you bring the functional and marketing perspective—and good things happen.



A good design can save thousands of dollars in tooling—up-front savings which flow right back into your pocket. Other benefits are reduced schedule risk, improvements in product reliability, and improvements in tooling life and reliability. A part-design problem can jeopardize an entire program—that’s what we want to avoid.



  How can Pacific Plastics be so beneficial?
Over 160 years of product development experience
In-house design expertise—with Solid Works, and AutoCAD
An outstanding network of design associates to call in as appropriate.
Tooling experience—from designing and producing over one-thousand molds.


Great molds, from great designs, producing great parts. Everyone wins!
1333 Keystone Way, Vista, California 92081 San Diego County; phone 760/598-5333; fax 760/598-6333
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